Will the patron saint of the island of Poros, change?

IMGP3804The support by many people of Poros meets the proposal to change the patron saint of the island from Saint Leonides, Mother Marry of Zoodohos Pigi (Monastery). The proposal was made, recently by mr. Yiannis Maniatis during an event for the Monastery of Poros by the Women’s Association “The Poriotissa”.
On the recent meeting of the City Council, Head of the minority Yannis Dimitriadis, brought up the proposal by Mr. Maniatis, asking the Mayor if it will be discussed by the City Council.
Replying, Mr Stratigos said “It is not good to say this about a Saint, but it is true, the people of Poros have not accepted Saint Leonides as patron of our island”, indicating that the institutionalization of St. Leonides as patron of Poros was the wish of former mayor S. Spyridon and a cleric.
The consultant of the minority G. Aliferis said that changing the patron, is not a simple task, and it needs a decision of the City Council, with the assent by the Church in order to become a state law.
Poros Mayor pledged to bring this issue to the City Council in Septembe. The study of matter and its preparation was entrusted to the City Council President Demetris Moropoulos, in collaboration with Mr. Maniatis.