The security and insecurity of our small society

anoukAs a mother of two little girls, I feel blessed to live on this Island. We can go to the beach and swim for hours in the summer time, have long walks in the forests in the winter time, they can take their bicycles to school. The freedom and natural environment is a blessing for every parent to bring their children up into. The children here can play in the streets, go to sports activities, they can meet up for a “crepa” even from a very young age. Everything is nearby and there is never a real threat. We never really think that anything can happen to our children or to any of us…..

But then it did happen: I lost a dear friend, far to young to die. I heard about a bad accident on the street, and thought of the boy’s mother and thought all of a sudden: what would I do in such a case, who do I call if my children have an accident (and I don’t mean the small every day bump on their knees or even a bigger fall from the swing which needs 3 stiches:  we can get to the Health Center in Galatas by ourselves). What if I am around somebody who suffers of a sudden heart attack?

Who do I call when there is a life-threatening situation, which needs direct first aid? Who will show up, when one of the few doctors is not around at the time…

We have a central emergency number 112, all over Europe. Does that include Poros too? And who will show up? The police will show up, or the coast guard: do they know first aid? Shouldn’t they know first aid?

All these questions, and nobody really has the answers. Let along when a life-threatening situation occurs: we panic, are not able to think straight……………

Yes, I agree, we should have a health center on the island, we should have more doctors, but those are all “shoulds”. What if we start with ourselves, don’t we all want to help when something bad happens to our fellow citizen? And what about the tourists we invite to our island. Aren’t we partly responsible towards them as well?

Wouldn’t it give us a secure feeling, knowing when somebody has a heart attack, we know who to call, and where the AED machines are? Wouldn’t it feel secure, knowing that there are members of the police department, the coast card, teachers, but also you and me, who will have a certificate of the red cross, and we know what to do when somebody is in need…………

As a small island, we can become an example for the rest of Greece, we can take this matter into our own hands and can only provide from the outcome.

Isn’t it great advertisement to be able to tell the tourists: the staff of the hotel has a first aid diploma and for the bigger hotels among us to have an AED machine.

It will take 20 volunteers to be able to get the Red Cross to show us first aid. I am in, who is with me?
Anouck Brinkerink

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  1. mike sakellarakis says:

    As a Advanced EMT working both pre-hospital and in the emergency department,i would be more than happy teaching basic first aid/cpr with the galatas/poros communities.Ifrequent greece 2-3 times a year and have family members who live in galatas,it would set a example for the rest of the perfecture for galatas to become a heart safe community.Grass roots community based medicine has shown to increase survival rates by up to 40%.I wish you and greece all the best!