The Maiden of the Isle, by Aris Adanis

THE MAIDEN OF THE ISLEThe Maiden of the Isle, by Aris Adanis, now available in English, consists of:

>A collection of 28 poems about island life and the sea, and

>9 haiku sayings, all translated from the original Greek by his English wife Marilyn Tate Adanis.

> Readers will also find within the book:

-16 wonderful paintings from friends- artists,

-an excellent photograph of the mountain range called The Sleeping Maiden, taken by Dimitris Zaharopoulos and

-a photo of the bronze statue by George XenoulisThe Boy on the Dolphin”, set up on Hydra island to commemorate the 1957 20th Century Fox film “The Boy and the Dolphin”,  starring Sophia Loren,  Alan Ladd and Alexis Minotis.

> A short but flattering prologue from the distinguished poet  Ms Nancy Horton decorates the beginning of The Maiden of the Isle.

Ms Horton is the daughter of George Horton (1859-1942), who was the U.S. consul  to Athens, Salonika  and  Smyrna, a poet, writer and  a great philhellene, as well as the supporter of the revival of the Olympic Games in Greece, in 1896.


This literary – not literal – work would like to target:

>Students of the English language,

>Greek people of the Diaspora throughout the world  (Mr Aris Adanis is a member of the committee of the Diasporic Literature Spot,  based in Melbourne, Australia)

>English-speaking foreigners who continue to visit this amazing country,  despite any unpleasant “signs of our times”, and

>English-speaking foreigners who –for the above reasons- avoid to come to Greece.

This  book   of poetry strives to present the best side of Greece, its joy and natural beauty, its landscapes and mythology, the fact that every Greek island is really like a poem, as well as its humour…a very “serious” matter!

Last but not least, the author would like to allude to the excellent  graphic work of George Politis and Mariastella Varouni at Public Graphics Atelier (tel: 210 6130035) and the modern printing techniques at “On Demand” in Vari, Athens (tel: 213 0411941-6).