Spyros Rois: The long distance swimmer who will attempt to swim from Pireaus to Poros

Spiros (80)The crossing of the Saronic Gulf is an exceptional attempt  undertaken by long distance swimmer and physical education teacher Spyros Rois from the island of Poros. With his attempt to swim from the port of Pireaus to the island of Poros within 6 days he wants to raise awareness  and financial support for “Faith”- Parents’ Association for children with neoplastic diseases.

Coming Tuesday, May 31st, Spiros will start his long-distance attempt in Piraeus and swim the distance to the island of Peristeria Salamis. Next day he will continue his swimming journey to Aegina (1/6) followed by Agistri (2/6), Agios Georgios& Methana (3/6), the port of Methana (4/6) and he will finish in his hometown Poros, on June 5th, where a warm and proud welcome awaits him from authorities, local agencies and all the islands residents.

Spyros is undertaking this difficult six-day herculean task with as his prime target  to sensitize/grow awareness by people, institutions and authorities to support this project of the Parents’ Association “Faith” on each possible way: financially, morally, or with material aid; to help these children with cancer and their families.

Spyros, with as his compass his “Faith” in this just cause, will cross the seas of our region hoping for a high people’s response when reaching each station of his journey. We wish fair winds and calm seas for our compatriot and fighter for a just cause, that he may reach many listening ears and hearts because for all of us our Children are our hope for the future, and they deserve nothing but the best.

Schedule for crossing the Saronic Gulf Islands

31/05/16: Departure from the port of Piraeus – Arrival in Pigeons Salamis area. Reception by local authorities and residents.

6/1/16: Departure Pigeons Salamis – Arrival at Aegina, reception by local authorities and residents.

6/2/16: Departure from Aegina – Arrival at Agistri, reception by local authorities and residents.

6/3/16: Departure from Agistri – Arrival at Aghios Georgios Methana. Reception by local authorities and residents.

6/4/16: Departure from Agios Georgios Methana – Arrival at the port of Methana, reception by local authorities and residents of the area.

  • Free transfer by bus from Galatas for supporters to Methana for the reception Spyros Rois.
  • Event by Trizinias Municipality – Methana and the “Faith” Association.

6/5/16: Departure from the port of Methana – Arrival in Poros, on the quay of the old port around 19 hrs.

  • In Poros at 18 hrs: Informative Speaking by the “Faith” Association in “Manessi Hotel”.
  • Welcoming ceremony by the City of Poros, the “Faith” Association, local agencies, donors and people – supporters of the action.


Anyone who wishes to financially support the “Faith” Association, can donate to one of the following account nrs.:

National Bank:                 054 48000 520

Alpha Bank:                       13000 200 200 8236

Agricultural Bank:            0030 400 30 83 83

Emporiki Bank:                  55 15 22 76

Eurobank:                           0026.0426.34.01000944