Social Photography Exhibition 7th-30th June

social photography posterStarting on the 7th June for the whole month “Art in the Old Olive Press” hosts a collective social photography exhibition. Babis Kanatsidis, Harry Leventis and group Collettivo Fotosocial from Italy present to us all the different aspects of Social Photography, from street photography to photography declarative of dispositions and intentions for alternative ways of social organisation and viewing of social life and life in general.

Babis Kanatsidis

“Social photo-reportage turns the photographer into a ‘hybrid’. A ‘human camera’, with a camera permanently fixed to his/her arm, whose goal is to escape from the laboratories and to convey sentiment and energy. Human substance –with absolute subjectivity- through the images that it captures. The necessary elements for a social photo-reporter are first of all social sensitivity and romanticism. Also, a basic prerequisite for successful social photo-reportage is courage, humour and a chameleon-like attitude. Being able to pass unobserved among people where you take photographs. The… bionic left eye is the result of years of documenting social images through the role of the ‘fly on the wall’…”

Harry Leventis

“Social documentary photography is at the heart of H.L.’s optical manifestations. His early street photography focused on the urban life in Athens during the 1990s. As the laws of change alter personal and collective perceptions, as well as the sceneries around us, so does the context of the photographic quest. Apart from the individualistic nature of things that ‘are’ here and now, there is the potentiality of a societal evolution towards a happier, a more peaceful and healthier life. Thriving ecosystems and humanities may prosper if the notion of synergy prevails. A passage from individualism, through breakthrough, towards collectiveness and finally oneness, in arising societies away from rigid institutional claws, is specifying the course of the photographer’s project, thus underlying a turn towards an alternative lifestyle both in time and space. Present works and latest projects abide by these rules and offer foundations for playfulness in our physical equilibrium.”

Collettivo Fotosocial

«Socially PhotoSensitive. When you realise that even if you travelled a long time ago, you still talk about that voyage, you take notice that it has never ended. Like when you tell someone’s story, you realise that you talk with his voice, you convey his thought. You become his speaker. You become part of his story. We decided to amplify these stories in order to be able to continue the narrations that we heard in our travels through the photographic images. In order to be able to communicate to everyone what exists apart from our backyard. We, at Collettivo Fotosocial believe that if a photograph can narrate, denounce injustices, uncover customs and cultures, awaken consciences and sensitivities through simple images of everyday life, even in hard realities, then we can define it as ‘social’. We don’t have the evidence to narrate the “One Story”, only what we know that we saw and heard. We allow ourselves to do that because we learnt to tread between cultures and populations without hesitation, without prejudices. We learn to listen to people’s stories promising to telle them, after we have documented them with light.”

Exhibition information
Duration: 7th-30th June 2013
Opening times: 10:30-14:30 & 18:30-21:30 every day.
Mondays closed.