Seamen’s Union Joins 48hr Strike on Tuesday

There will be no boat service between Poros and Piraeus on November 6 and November 7 after the Panhellenic Seamen’s Union PNO voted to join a 48-hour general strike called by the civil servants’ union ADEDY and the General Confederation of Greek Labor (GSEE).
The strike coincides with a parliamentary vote on new austerity measures which must be implemented as part of a bailout plan agreed with the European Union, European Central Bank, and International Monetary Fund.
The Athens Journalists’ Union has called a strike for Monday so there will be no newspapers, radio, or television news.
Strikes will also affect the Athens tram, metro and elektrikos, which will not run on Monday and Tuesday, while there will be no train service (including the Athens suburban light rail or proastiakos) on Tuesday and Wednesday. Athens taxis are also staging a 24hr strike on Tuesday.

Boat Fares Freed to Rise
Boat fares between Poros and Piraeus could rise between five and fifteen per cent under a ministerial decision lifting fare caps over fifty mainland and island ports.
Other local ports included on the list are Aegina, Methana, Galatas, and Ermioni.