anaklGood news for the environmentally-conscious: the Municipality of Poros has signed a new contract with the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation for collecting recyclable waste. Glass, plastic, paper, and aluminium should be placed in the specially-marked blue recycling bins to be placed around the island and on the municipality’s mainland districts.
A total of 50 recycling bins will be delivered by October and placed around the island for collecting recyclable waste. Bins have already been placed at the New Western Harbor, opposite the Dionysos Hotel; the Mermaid statue; Synikismos, opposite the gas station; Megalo Neorio, next to the last landing pier; and on the mainland, at Plaka, next to the Vikos boat yard.
Illustrations on the bin depict items that can be deposited for recycling. All food and other containers should be empty, washed, and dry before being placed in the recycling bins.