Preserving Local History

Poros residents are using social media and the internet to connect with each other but also to connect with the island’s history and their past. There are Facebook groups where members post and discuss old photos, including one group dedicated to the island’s tavernas. Some of these photos, but also many new ones, were featured at an exhibition titled “Our Poros of Yore” organized in early August by the Association of Troezenians in Athens and Piraeus.
All this activity has helped renew interest in the island and its history—sometimes with a sense of regret. The dwindling number of sailings to Piraeus has triggered nostalgia for earlier decades when the island was served by more than one ferry line. This nostalgia resulted in a feature by Poros News (“The Boats We Came to Love”) that was picked up and republished by a national website.
Meantime, activity on social media is complemented by more formal initiatives. On September 22 at 8 p.m., the Poros Local Archive (TAP) is hosting a “get-to-know-you” gathering at the Syngrou Building. This informal meeting will feature an exhibition of documents and photographs of Poros families, an audiovisual presentation, and short talks by the archive’s head Marianthi Papadiamanti, historical researcher Yorgos Athanasiou, and Yannis Maniatis, director of the Hatzopouleios Library.
TAP, a regional service of the State General Archives, was established in September 2010. Its mission is to collect, preserve, and index public and private archival materials about Poros and Troezena.

Diane Shugart