Poros Unveils Plan for Naming Streets

ΠΑΡΑΡΤΗΜΑ 4 - ΧΑΡΤΗΣ ΣΦΑΙΡΙΑΣA plan for naming the streets of Poros town was presented to the Town Council for approval at its regular meeting on February 13.

The street names proposed by the working group are drawn from prominent events and persons in the island’s history, including several non-Greeks like the German archaeologist and painter Otto Magnus von Stackelberg, the British naval officer Frank Abney Hastings who played a key role in the Greek independence war and is buried on Poros, the actress Greta Garbo who summered on Poros over a period of three decades, and the painters Marc Chagall, Lucien Freud, and John Craxton.

The names are expected to be approved at the council’s next meeting, so residents of Sphairia will soon get to add and street to their address labels.