Poros-Galatas Boats Suspend Night Routes as from November 1

Water taxis making the Poros-Galatas crossing will no longer operate around the clock, with night service being suspended during the winter.
As from November 1, boats will no longer run the Poros-Galatas route between midnight and 6 a.m.; the winter schedule will be in effect through April 30.
Yannis Retitagos, president of the local boatmen’s association, told Poros News that Law 3919/11 liberalizing lifts the requirement for mandatory “safety” sailings during the night, thus boatmen are no longer required to fill night shifts.
Ferry boat links have also been reduced after the Coastal Transport Council (SAS) approved new schedules submitted by the local consortium. Starting November 1, ferries will make just one sailing per hour in each direction (Poros to Galatas, Galatas to Poros) between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.