No boats on Wednesday due to 24hr general strike

IMGP7669The Panhellenic Seamen’s Union (PNO) has decided to join a 24-hour general strike on February 20 despite being under civil mobilization.
The general strike has been called by the civil servants’ union ADEDY and the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE), Greece’s largest labor umbrella. It is expected to affect most sectors and has been joined by doctors, lawyers, tax office employees, engineers, construction workers, local government authority staff, teachers, professors, and public media. Private media have declared a 24-hour strike for Tuesday, February 19.
Public transport unions in Athens are expected to hold work stoppages on Wednesday.
Central Athens is expected to be closed to traffic as a result of a protest rally at Pedio Areos park at 11 a.m.
PNO’s demands include that the government lift the civil mobilization order imposed earlier this month to end a series of rolling 48-hr strikes. The union is due to meet with shipowners’ representatives on Thursday to discuss a new collective wage agreement.