Mayor: Quay Damage Won’t Derail Boat Show

Poros Mayor Dimitris Stratigos said the annual boat show held on Poros will be held this spring as usual despite the collapse of a section of the main quay.
His statement was made during Tuesday’s town council meeting in response to a question.
The Poros Charter Yacht Show held in early May is a quayside showcase for mega-yachts and luxury boats that attracts the prestigious international charter agencies and brokers.
Earlier this year a section of the quay slid into the sea after a fissure in the surface concrete spread. The section has been cordoned off and repair work is expected to begin shortly.
The mayor said yachts would not be allowed to tie along the quay from the Ambrosia cafe to the Karras resident through the summer but that arrangements were being made to find alternate docking.
Yannis Dimitriadis, the minority leader, suggested that the new harbor be considered as a substitute docking area for leisure craft until the quay is fully repaired.