Lemonodasos Paths Project Funded

The Ministry for Agricultural Development has approved a 348,000-euro restoration program for Poros’s famed Lemonodasos, or Lemon Grove, aimed at making several key paths and trails accessible to walkers.
The funds will be used to clear and lay some 600 meters of paths and trails. The plan also calls for the paths the installation of lighting and basic facilities such as trash cans and sheltered rest areas.
Paths to be restored include a 188-meter cement walkway from the church of Ayios Serafeim, the trail north of the church to the old Kardassis taverna, and 332 meters of cement-laid road in the heart of the lemon grove.
Lemonodasos, which is located just inland from the Peloponnese coast but belongs to the Poros municipality, has been known for its lemon groves since the mid-eighteenth century and its lemons were once a primary source of income for the area.
The funds were approved in the framework of the ministry’s Measure 323 for agricultural development
and the paths’ restoration must be completed by December 31, 2013.