Get in the action with the Poros Citizens’ Association

δρασεIt’s often said that if you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem—and this seems to be the philosophy driving a just-launched campaign by the Poros Citizens’ and Consumers’ Association to get people active in improving the quality of life on the island. Drase i skase—act or shut up!—was launched two weeks ago at a public meeting at the Syngrou building where people presented their ideas for Poros, from neighborhood spruce-ups to an arts festival.

Since that first meeting, enthusiasm has grown with more people signing up with the task forces formed to implement the ideas. And that is the point: instead of whining about what the island lacks, work together to make things happen. Thus far there are ten task forces and most have already held meetings to help get things going. But the campaign is ongoing so ideas and new members are always welcome. So add your energy, experience, and expertise by joining one of the task forces below—or proposing a new action!

Contact the task force coordinators listed below or add your idea to the campaign’s page on Facebook ( ) or the Association’s web page (

• Cataloguing needs: this group will assess and report on the island’s true needs and problems. Coordinator is Yannis Goumas (email:

•  Neighborhood spruce-up: coordinator is Eleni Kanatsidi (tel.: 6972 194761)

• Marathon and other sports events: coordinator is Pandelis Kounelis (tel.: 6973 600425).

• Health care support, including mental health: this group was offered to offer support to people in need of such services. Coordinator is Rosalia Moraiti (tel.: 6977 980171)

• Food distribution, including donations of cooked food: coordinator is Kostas Papayannis (tel.: 22980 22980)

• Poros summer arts festival featuring exhibitions and performances: coordinator is Spyros Borbas (email:

• Beach and hiking path clean-up: coordinator is Stelios Zentelis (tel.: 6977 482874)

• Tourism initiatives such as a Poros discount card, holiday package offers, and seminars for business owners. Coordinator is Babis Tsoukas (tel.: 6946 798384)

• Create a ‘disruptive’ ad for Poros: coordinator is Andreas Kaikas (

• Legal assistance for people in need: coordinator is Dimitris Panou (email: