Former City Treasurer Found Guilty of Embezzlement

Angeliki Asimomyti Papakyriakou was sentenced to fourteen years in prison after a Piraeus court found her guilty of embezzling public funds while serving as city treasurer.

Chrysostomi Ireioti, an employee in the local career office, was sentenced to twelve years in jail for morally inciting the theft from municipal accounts, including the Poros Port Fund.

The embezzlement was discovered in May 2011; arrested soon after, Asimomyti implicated the second woman in the scheme.

The indictment, as quoted by the news website, charged that Asimomyti “incrementally appropriated the amount of 576,695.85 euros, removing the money from the safe…amalgamating it into her own assets knowing that these [funds] belonged to the Municipality of Poros.” Ireioti, according to the indictment, “persuaded Angeliki Papakyriakou to issue false verifications…and incrementally obtained from Angeliki Papakyriakou the total sum of 576,697.85 euros knowing that this had been illegally appropriated…”
The mayor’s office, in a statement issued on Tuesday, said that the sentence “fully vindicated the actions of the Mayor of Poros”.