MARAMHS- LEGAKHOn the 16th August, at 21:30, at the Open Theatre of Syggros Building, “Art in the Old Olive Press” presents Erotokritos in Blues / Shakespeare in Love by composer Dimitris Maramis, with the participation of excellent musicians. It is a music performance of songs and instrumental music pieces of the composer around two central points: the classical Greek Renaissance play Erotokritos by Vincenzo Kornaros, in its subversive, modern and prized rendition in original jazz and blues style music, and Shakespeare in Love, with verses by the top Elizabethan from his plays “As you like it” and “Tempest” and from his sonnets.


Dimitris Maramis will by accompanied by two talented young singers, Korina Legaki and Thodoris Voutsikakis, each of whom carves their own special path in music. On the piano will be the composer himself.

Dimitris Maramis, using jazz and blues elements, recomposes and revives one of the masterpieces of the 17th century, not only for Greek literature but generally for European culture: the fairytale world of Erotokritos. Love and friendship constitute the basic themes of this immortal Renaissance poetic romance of V. Kornaros. The year 2013 is the 400th anniversary of the Renaissance Cretan poet’s death.
Part of “Erotokritos in Blues” was presented with great success in Thessaloniki Concert Hall (Megaron Mousikis) last February, whilst its premiere in a more complete stage will be in Sani Festival in Halkidiki on 3rd August 2013.
The love songs of William Shakespeare are a new composition, which will have its world premiere in the Renaissance Festival of Rethymnon on 21st August 2013 and its first official presentation on Poros on 16th August, in the open theatre of Syggros Building, in an “Art in the Old Olive Press” production.


The programme will also include the masterpiece of a love ode Noche Oscura of the Spanish poet San Juan De La Cruz, as well as songs from the two last records of D. Maramis: “Ταγκό Για Τρεις” and the still unreleased “Ay Amor”.


Dimitris Maramis studied piano and music composition at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in Britain and music composition with composer Brian Elias in London. He has published six personal CDs and has written music for 37 theatrical plays and 5 movies. He has also presented his music abroad: in Britain and Spain, whilst in October he will make his debut in the United States. The music that he composed for the play “Erotokritos” directed by Stathis Livathinos in 2011 was awarded the audience award in the theatre awards of Athinorama magazine in 2012. He has collaborated in records with Marios Frangoulis, Maria Farantouri, etc.


Korina Legaki was born in Heraklion, Crete. She studied classical and jazz singing, piano and speech training, whilst she participated in the “Εργαστήρι φωνητικής τέχνης” (Vocal art workshop) by Spyros Sakkas. In the past three years she collaborates closely with composer Dimitris Maramis, whilst meanwhile she has recorded CDs and played live with the music group Armos, the free jazz band Outward Bound, guitarist Panayiotis Margaris, etc. She participated in the record «Άνεμοι και Παλίρροιες» by Armos and she has two personal CDs: «Χορός με τη Βροχή» and «Ταγκό για Τρεις».


Thodoris Voutsikakis was born in Thessaloniki. He studied at the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and classic song. He has collaborated as a soloist with the Symphonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Thessaloniki in musical compositions by Gustav Mahler. As a member of the “Mixed Choir of Thessaloniki” he participated in the operatic productions “Don Giovanni” and “Samson et Dalida” of the Thessaloniki Concert Hall and in the international Festival Mascagni with the opera “Silvano”. He also participated in the rock-opera “Alexander”.


Ticket price 10 euros. Information and ticket sales at the “Art in the Old Olive Press” (www.stopaliolitrivi.gr and 2298022378).