Citizens’ Petition for Waste System Study Rejected

The City Council rejected a petition for a comprehensive engineering study of the waster treatment system (BIOKA) on the grounds that such a such a study had already been commissioned.
The November 7 meeting was called to discuss a petition signed by 257 citizens calling for immediate action to identify problems in the sewage system’s operation and propose ways to fix these.
Tensions flared at several points during the meeting, including an intense exchange between Mayor Dimitris Stratigos and opposition leader Yannis Dimitriadis over the cost and scope over two earlier engineering studies.
At the July 26 council meeting, the mayor had presented an unofficial study conducted by the Municipality of Poros which, however, concerned some 610,000 euros of new sewage works rather than problems in the operation of the existing system. But at Wednesday’s meeting, he said he was referring to another study that the council had approved in February and argued that since the council had already decided on the issue, further discussion was unnecessary.
The minority leader noted that the February decision concerned a budget adjustment for an unrelated study for an upgrade of the waste treatment plant but which did not address the system’s current problems.