Cartes Postales 1905-1937: Litrivi brings back memories and images of another era

1094941From Wednesday 10th September and up until the end of 2014, an exhibition of unique value will be presented at Litrivi. The post card collection of MD Georgios Kouvaras from Ithaca, which was entrusted to the Litrivi team by the grandson of the collector Gerasimos Kouvaras.

The collection consists of 780 original post cards from the first decades of the 20th century, written and sent to and from different areas of Greece and abroad. The post cards constitute a unique private collection with excellent representations of historic character, originating from every corner of the planet and accompanied by writings of people from another era.

The objective of the exhibition is to utilise these post cards in order to guide the visitor through the society, economy, technology and concerns of another era. It will remind the elders of and acquaint the younger with the historical evolution of typography, photography and art, some important social and political landmarks of human history, as well as the formation of human relations and interactions through correspondence.

The exhibition will include part of the original post cards, the original albums that contained the cards, reprints and a slideshow presentation of the remaining collection, as well as information about the exciting life of collector Georgios Kouvaras and of the real people that touched, wrote sent and received these unique documents.

The exhibition is open to visits by schools and students of every educational level. The visitors impressions and comments will be recorded with the use of a visitors’ questionnaire.

Curating: Fay Orfanidou
Digital processing: Katerina Papadimitriou

Scanning: Vasilis Kolokythas, Christina Litsardopoulou, Fay Orfanidou, Katerina Papadimitriou, Sevi Papadopoulou.

Special thanks to Gerasimos Kouvaras for kindly granting us permission to use the collection for the purposes of the exhibition and of the cultural organisation Art in the Old Olive Press (Litrivi).

Opening: 10th September, 21:00
Duration: 10th September–end of December 2014
Visits after prior communication.